Welcome to Camera XV.


The Camera was founded in 2009 as part of a chamber music course assignment at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv University. It has since become an independent ensemble specializing in historically informed performance of Baroque and Renaissance music on period instruments. It is named after practice room no. 15, its members' first home in their alma mater. 


Since its foundation, the ensemble has performed in some of Israel's most prestigeous venues - the Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem, the Wix Auditorium, the Hebrew University, Hecht Studio Theatre in Haifa, Felicja Blumenthal Music Centre and Clairmont Hall in Tel Aviv, and the Jerusalem Centre of Music (Mishkenot Sha'ananim). 


Camera XV is dedicated to the exploration of compositions from a variety of periods, styles and regions. Each of our programmes uniquely presents a specific aspect of early repertoire in as fresh and as original an approach as possible.


“This promising group… is a welcome addition to Israel’s flourishing early music scene”


(Tel Aviv City Guide)